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HITFM.COM will honor listener/consumer/customer's requests to remove their names from our e-mail lists. In developing programs, website(s), products and services HITFM.COM safeguards listener/consumer/customer's information from unauthorized access.

HITFM.COM collects, maintains and uses customer information that is necessary to provide products and services to meet listener/consumer/customers' needs.

HITFM.COM takes into account listener/consumer/customer expectations and input regarding the appropriate use of customer information.

HITFM.COM strives to keep all listener/consumer/customer records current and accurate.

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Dear John, Theatrical release June 4, 2010

The main character John, who in his teens was very aggressive, has always lived with his single, introvert father until enlisting in the U.S. Army. While on leave and visiting his father in South Carolina, John falls in love in the rich man's daughter Savannah, giving life a meaning for John. more

Youth in revolt, Theatrical release May 28, 2010

Nick is a teenage boy, who did not grow up in the best family environment. His 48-year-old mother, Estelle is broke and living in part of the money the child allowance provides for Nick and is also more