Trash Records was a sub-label to Discomagic srl, one of the most important players in Italo music. Looking at the disparate tracks that were released on the Trash label, it would definately seem as if the label served as a repository for tracks that were for some reason considered a bit too much "out of the box" (nicely put) to be released on the main label. However, diving into the label's output, some diamonds in the rough shine through.

This track, FASCINATION by ROSY LEE, is a such a Trash Records release, with irresistable vocals by Ms Rosy (real name Rosa Mangiacasale) it also features wonderful synth lines and great contemporary breaks, as well as hint of the producer's (Ruler) classical ambitions :)

A much underrated Italo track that requires your immediate attention!

a wonderful Trash Records release